pinnacle of badassery.

meet the legend, the myth, a mom of two, and a bottomless pit of inspiration that even Olive Garden folds in comparison to it's breadsticks and salad.


"doth my eyes deceive me?!" "have I ran into her at the laundromat?" "is that dress blue & black or white and gold?" "is she the Mother of Dragons?"


I know...all these questions seem relevant when you first see these images of her and the questions still linger without a pause or replay life button; but you're right, you've seen her as one of our brides.


however, for those whom have the fortunate opportunity to meet this young lady aka "mother of inspiration" and her circle of support, it's truely a disguise of genuine "self love" and warm personality that only a strong foundation of family and friends understand and foster. 

although her image and mission is bigger than all the Snaps combined, she's reaching out to a copious group of people that are willing to take the time to understand and listen to her message of just simply self acceptance. as simple as that reads in black and white, it's quite a different case when you are faced with so many variables and distractions from social media that skew and possibly question your character and existence.


Hence enter: Heather Austrie.


Check her out and befriend on Instagram: heatheraustrie




what does a master's of molecular sciences and a masters in fire fighting have in common?

....absolutely nothing.

Unless you're Krista and Brian.

These two have literally chased each other around the world for years with a forte for traveling to places that I am too jealous to mention, selfish part of me is now typing, but traveling definitely binds the hearts or is the other way? Nonetheless, this migration of two flames into one proved that hybridization can coexist in many facets such as theirs and it's a chapter that we have been anticipating and cheering.

That day has arrived.

Behold and you no longer wait with bated breath.




so you shall be showered in Au (think in chemistry terms)

welcome...we've been waiting for you.

I have known this gentleman for 15 years, 3 months, 2 days, 22:00 hours and counting.


As this is humbling, it's probably even more strange to think that he keeps track of the same statistic. DJ Dang is his name and I have referred to him by this name so much I have suppressed and most likely forgotten his first name, unless I am on Jeopardy. He is a man of his word, accommodates with a knack for making the individual steep in happiness and won't allow them to leave until he takes out their ankles. 


He's definitely a lover and not a fighter, but don't tempt best said by the #mostinterestingmanintheworld.


With present day upon us, I digress. 


It is with great joy and mirth that even though we #bleedblue over Wings Over Storrs and a steaming pot of rice that this love is now shared with Halie. Her cooking is more 5 stars compared to our dorm room rations, but love is love. 


DJ Dang, thank you for your close friendship and always keeping me out of trouble...well, even if it meant sleeping with my passport in a car...while it was snowing. 





the real thor is in the green attire...don't let her looks fool you as she is both stunning and witty which parallels the universe that Jamison thrives. 


The struggle is real...


Mostly on wading through the swarm of beach-goers that day as we tried to escape, manuever, politely ask people to step to the side or away from Jamison's luscious hair that is constantly groped by both sexes. It's definitely a conversation piece, but we usually leave that for the dinner table, hence why we have Zoe to protect us! 


To an amazing wedding next year!!!



milestones of the young

ahhh, the grace and beauty of youth. 

it's always endearing to observe the spirit of children and being a parent ourselves, the current state as we see it with our eyes is only ephemeral.

although this is superficial, the memory lingers for years.

the laughter of children at heart resonates to our last breath.

the smiles of pure enjoyment, branded into the cusp of our encephalus and recant with time.

this happens and will be: nostalgia.

The Rolnick Family is splendid in so many ways as they are close in bond and true to their hearts. "It's what you put into your children, is what you receive." 

Nothing is more to the crux of truth.