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The Power of Social Media

The "Web 2.0". Everyones heard it. I hear it all the time on Chase Jarvis's website. I always thought that it was people tweeting where they are now or what their feelings were. I never really understood the meaning of social media until yesterday. I sat at our desk in the extra bedroom and began a task. A task that from that time seemed like a million miles away.

I wanted to build a project of my own for Photology so I began looking through my hard drive for programs from our Adobe CS4 suite. I ended up finding a program deep in our hard drive called "Adobe After Effects". I saw the end results after google'ing it and from there I wanted to improve myself as a photographer, a designer and an artist.But then I recalled, Im not a designer. Im not an artist. I didn't go to school for it. I don't know anything about this program.

And then came along youtube. The wealth of knowledge that came from a teenager on youtube surprised the hell out of me. He understood "social media." heck he was "social media". Here I am, learning to design a sophisticated systematic program from someone from somewhere. Determined, I sat at the desk for 6 hours, listening and learning. Even tho those 6 hours only equaled to a 30sec video clip that is sub-par. I call it a huge leap in my creative thinking. I guess it changed my mind about sharing our knowledge. I realized that the more we teach, the more people learn, the higher the bar is raised and the more we have to struggle to be creative. Hence never stagnant, never plateauing.

So thank you social media. - Tom

Untitled from PhotologyStudios on Vimeo.



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