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so you shall be showered in Au (think in chemistry terms)

welcome...we've been waiting for you.

I have known this gentleman for 15 years, 3 months, 2 days, 22:00 hours and counting.


As this is humbling, it's probably even more strange to think that he keeps track of the same statistic. DJ Dang is his name and I have referred to him by this name so much I have suppressed and most likely forgotten his first name, unless I am on Jeopardy. He is a man of his word, accommodates with a knack for making the individual steep in happiness and won't allow them to leave until he takes out their ankles. 


He's definitely a lover and not a fighter, but don't tempt him....as best said by the #mostinterestingmanintheworld.


With present day upon us, I digress. 


It is with great joy and mirth that even though we #bleedblue over Wings Over Storrs and a steaming pot of rice that this love is now shared with Halie. Her cooking is more 5 stars compared to our dorm room rations, but love is love. 


DJ Dang, thank you for your close friendship and always keeping me out of trouble...well, even if it meant sleeping with my passport in Montreal...in a car...while it was snowing. 



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    Homes of the rich had the kitchen as a different room, as a rule alongside a lavatory, both rooms being available from the court. In such houses, there was frequently a different little storage space in the back of the kitchen utilized for putting away nourishment and kitchen utensils.
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    Photology Studios - blog - so you shall be showered in Au (think in chemistry
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    Photology Studios - blog - so you shall be showered in Au (think in chemistry

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