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pinnacle of badassery.

meet the legend, the myth, a mom of two, and a bottomless pit of inspiration that even Olive Garden folds in comparison to it's breadsticks and salad.


"doth my eyes deceive me?!" "have I ran into her at the laundromat?" "is that dress blue & black or white and gold?" "is she the Mother of Dragons?"


I know...all these questions seem relevant when you first see these images of her and the questions still linger without a pause or replay life button; but you're right, you've seen her as one of our brides.


however, for those whom have the fortunate opportunity to meet this young lady aka "mother of inspiration" and her circle of support, it's truely a disguise of genuine "self love" and warm personality that only a strong foundation of family and friends understand and foster. 

although her image and mission is bigger than all the Snaps combined, she's reaching out to a copious group of people that are willing to take the time to understand and listen to her message of just simply self acceptance. as simple as that reads in black and white, it's quite a different case when you are faced with so many variables and distractions from social media that skew and possibly question your character and existence.


Hence enter: Heather Austrie.


Check her out and befriend on Instagram: heatheraustrie



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