two degrees of separation.

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Cheers everyone and thank you so much for making this happen!!

Photology Studios :)


regram from @JESSICAALBA!!!

many thanks to #thehonestcompany and @jessicaalba for regramming @allisonwlee baby yoga pose of #downwardfacingwoof !!!! 32,300 likes and counting within a 3 hour post...crazy amazing:) #EFPOTUS


amber + jon

right on the cusp of fall, this couple caught a great tailwind devoid of rain with a breakthrough of sun pockets and at times...posssibly too bright...and possibly too windy as the ladies can attest to the river shots! 


when we can't shoot on location due to mother nature pinning us down, we get to a more "controlled environment!" many thanks to the riverhouse for allowing a bull in a china shop to move their beautiful and ornate furniture around for the photoshoot :)  in addition, banging music by duane wayne and his team....smooth operation as always when our teams "collab!!"


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adios summer!!!

to an amazing summer, we bid farewell...

it's been grand in the most warm, humid, breath-taking, moving sort of way that only CT natives can appreciate! the end of summer is not entirely true...for us in that sense.

we still have weddings booked into the fall.

BBQs will roast into the night for family and friends.

firepits and fireplaces will warm our toes as we debate on moot topics.

it's the experience.

it's the grand company that joins in your waking life and the ones that support your dreams.

live it for what it's worth.


to those souls that linger and carry the spirit of on:)

we've been booking for fall family shoots(FFS) as we close in on our gourds and ghouls! cast yourself in prints or what ever fancies your eyes with the following...

half the slots are filled for october 12th and 13th shoot at Trumbull Park! if it's completely booked, we'll entertain october 27th!!

FFS includes....

1 hour slot at Trumbull Park

online gallery with password protection for family friends.

5 hi-res magazine quality edits

reprinting rights to the 5 hi-res edits!

investment: $300


cheers and to many more,

p h o t o l o g y | studios :)


d e b u t a n t s.

there are sooo many special moments through the night that it's always a tough choice to showcase just one, but this one stands out in our hearts. not only does Chrissy + Bill look absolutely stunning, I am pretty sure they were "starvin' marvin" and it probably didn't help when I kidnapped them from their plates and held them on the couch. 

they make it look amazing!