The Fultons...

When we first met the Fultons, we knew they were extra special people who are not only our first teacher clients...but we knew we'd be friends for life!!!

From their unique wedding at the Historic Branford Library catered by Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant, to their beautiful Baby Shower last month...and now, in a blink of an eye....Hello Paxton Reyes Fulton!  We are truly honored to share these special moments with them as they create new milestones along the way!

Warm wishes and lots of love!!!

Cheers to many more milestones!




once upon a destination wedding...

Cool turquoise winds to welcome you to the island.
Warm humid winds that wisp around you ascending from the clear waters.
Midnight winds as you ocean swim in the dark coveted by magnificent stars.
Yet, there is one more wind that is most touching and never fleeting...the marriage of Kate and Paul.

Let's rewind back to almost a year when I first corresponded with Kate.

She's VERY detailed. We wrote to each other on a weekly if not biweekly basis which then lends a hand to this circumstance: when I met Kate for the first time in Rockport, MA...it was if we had written to each other as pen pals for years! 

This behind the scenes look then led us to discuss the location of the shoot.  When Kate mentioned Dominican Republic, I'm pretty sure one of two things happened: either I wet my pantalones or I did the dance of joy! Which ever is safer for you to visualize, please do so at your discretion!

Living along the shoreline for most of our lives, it was similar to being at home, but obviously much better...something called palm trees, fine powder sand, different ethnic culture and the USD superceded by pesos! Throw in some flamingos, catamaran ride, snorkeling, and you definitley have your hands full! We also would like to give a shout-out to the weather. Landing in DR, weather forecast indicated RAIN for the next two days that we stayed, running into ..ahem...the wedding day. Fortunately, the weather cooperated so well that not even a drop fell until the day we departed! Thumbs up on that one!!

Combination of a wonderful location, the amazing weather, some hic-cups from Iberostar to balance out the good, and the amazing family from Kate and Paul's side melded into special moments they allowed us to capture. Shout-out to our UConn alum Paul!! U C O N N!! ...only to be outweighed by Kate's class and more than jovial spirit in running the show, it must be mentioned that she binds fun, binds smiles, and binds laughter for all the special guests that left their safety net of home and ventured to a different part of the world.

For the short amount of time that we intereacted with them, they feel close as family and shared such a special moment of their lives and we as Photology Studios, thank you both and the rest of your family and friends for such an amazing and memorable life chapter.

cheers and to many more,

Photology Studios


P.S. here's a sneak peak into the lives of Kate and Paul. Stay tuned by liking us on FB for updates on pics!! 


eye do.


meet Heather and Craig. 

aka singers Pink and Joe....shooting in downtown milford, CT @ 17F degree, this is definitely a true test of keeping your significant other warm. a shot-gun shoot at most, it was definitely brief, running after the rays of the sun and wiping away Craig's tears of sunlight, but for this case, we'll attribute them to love! 

These two are amazing. Heather is definitely rambunctious/fun and Craig is definitely level-headed and suave. They definitely neutralize each other to a perfect balance that can only be witnessed and envied in person!

To a warmer shoot in a few months!!


photology studios:)


L I g h t.