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a right of passage.

being invited into a family's abode is a kind gesture. you get first hand experience of the positive kinks, the nuances, and the inside jokes that stem from years of tradition and being amongst close members of your family!

so what if you are invited to a traditional wedding inside the house?!

the kind gesture takes a quantum leap that unfolds beyond beyond the realm of comfort and all that tradition has to offer....just take off your shoes:) cambodian ceremonies are one of those special moments that must be witnessed, better yet...experienced in the pilot seat: right next to your partner to be!

yes, the details are amazing.

yes, we catch a few elbows in the ribs for getting the shot.

yes, sweat abounds in copious amounts.

yes, the ceremonies warm the heart with everyone elated from the jovial air.

however, there is one feat we can not overlook or dare turn our heads away that is probably the most important feature beyond the exchanging of vows, maid of honor toasts, and the infamous dances....ahem. I share with you: s t a m i n a. (refer to Fig. 278)

exactly. this solo facet is probably the most important characteristic that is overlooked during these beautiful and ornate ceremonial traditions! this gentleman here, we will coin him as MC, is the poster-child for legs that have gone astray for sitting on one particular pose for more than an hour. at certain points, the bride and groom sits with their legs to the side barely moving or convert to positions while praying or holding a sword while bent at the thoracic...again, all the while sitting.

as you can imagine, it is arduous, it is painstaking, and best of all, it commands patience.

the bottom line: it's all for Love.

MC needed all the love to get back on his feet.


Figure 278.